Zara is approached by a former lover, who begs her to help save his son, putting her in a difficult position. Meanwhile, Rob and the staff at the Mill are overwrought when Karen disappears.


  • Dr. Emma Reid
  • Dr. Daniel Granger
  • Zara Carmichael
  • Joe Granger-Carmichael
  • Dr. Heston Carter
  • Howard Bellamy
  • Mrs. Tembe
  • Dr. Niamh Donoghue
  • Sgt. Rob Hollins
  • Karen Hollins
  • Jack Hollins
  • Imogen Hollins
  • Edwin Caroux-Simon Dutton
  • Toby Caroux-Robert Boulter
  • Howell McAllister-Gavin Marshall


return of Jack Hollins since 12th December 2013 & imogen hollins Since 5th March 2014.

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