Sharon feels guilty about not being there for Ian and insists she and Phil go pay their condolences, but she is unprepared for the state she finds her old friend in. The grieving father realises he made a mistake with Cindy - does he have time to put things right? As the police continue their questioning, a nervous Max eavesdrops on their conversation with Lauren, while Nancy is taken aback by what Lee tells them. Peter finds Lauren more supportive than girlfriend Lola, Masood has something to tell Jane, and Alfie hands out black armbands to the market traders as a mark of respect - but not everyone is willing to show their support.


  • Ian Beale
  • Jane Beale
  • Peter Beale
  • Bobby Beale
  • Gina Williams
  • Cindy Williams
  • David Wicks
  • Bianca Butcher
  • Liam Butcher
  • Sharon Rickman
  • Phil Mitchell
  • Lola Pearce
  • Alfie Moon
  • Kat Moon
  • Denise Fox
  • Masood Ahmed
  • Tamwar Masood
  • Max Branning
  • Lauren Branning
  • Mick Carter
  • Linda Carter
  • Lee Carter
  • Johnny Carter
  • Nancy Carter
  • Pam Coker
  • Terry Spraggan
  • TJ Spraggan
  • Jake Stone
  • Donna Yates
  • DC Emma Summerhayes

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